Hidero Ohsawa

大沢 秀郎
The first teacher Eikichi Onizuka meets at Musashino Public High School during training Hidero Ohsawa has a reputation for sleeping with his female students and convinces Onizuka that teaching high school is the way to lose ones virginity. He states the prospect of having a beautiful 16 yearold wife even at the age of 40 is irresistible to the ears of the 22 yearold Onizuka. Upon learning that Nanako Mizuki has been staying over at Onizukas apartment with no action going on Ohsawa insists that he forces himself on her and videotape it to keep her quiet about it ensuring that Onizukas merchandise wont go to waste. However Onizuka does not followup with Ohsawas advice. Ohsawa is not seen after Onizuka finishes his training but it is revealed that he was caught having an affair with a student and left for another training session away from Musashino High. Source: Wikipedia