Fallan Denzell

Fallan Denzell is a mysterious person recommended by Sister Martha whom Kiri and Elraine are to visit in Deodradd a nearby town. He is apparently a very skilled fighter and is feared by many. He also has many apprentices around the world however he appears to have something of an eccentric personality as his first line involves requesting a Childrens meal at a Cafe and ensuring it comes with full decoration. According to Fallan himself all of the stories about him are untrue. When Elraine and Kiri meet with him he tells them that he is not like what others think he is and that he will not be able to be their bodyguard. However in his fight with Abro quotthe poison killerquot it is revealed that he is incredibly strong as he knocked Abro out in one punch to the head. Also many of the stories of Fallan may actualy be true just not in the way it that the rumors propose. For example the rumor of him defeating 50 bandits is only incorrect in the number of bandits which was actually 500. Supposedly he is also hated by animals as a cat and a dog both run away from him.