Misuzu Sotomura

外村 美鈴
Birthday:May 25
Tough and pretty younger sister of Hiroshi. A nononsense person Misuzu installs herself as vicepresident and assistant director of the Film Studies Club. One of the few female characters in the story who does not fall for Manaka she can not stand his indecisiveness with women. When they first met she found Manaka interesting because he was critical about movies. She plays down Manakas role in the club but later admits to herself that Manakas accomplishment in building the club from scratch is truly remarkable whereas she is just quotalltalkquot. Idolizes Toujo for her writing ability. In extra chapter at the end of the manga Misuzu falls in love with an aspiring mangaka. Misuzu and Kitaoji argue with each other often but after graduation they both live in Kyoto and always keep in touch. ltgt Source ltgt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ListofcharactersinStrawberry10025