Sangos younger brother who was once under the control of Naraku. When Naraku disguised himself as Kagewaki Hitomi the son of a lord he used Lord Hitomis father to call upon Sango and the demon slayers to slay a false demon. Kohaku was made to turn against his companions killing his father and all the demon slayers Sango surviving only by sheer luck. Kohaku was killed that night also by the castle guards only to be later resurrected by Naraku as an amnesiac puppet. After several encounters with Sango and her friends he began to recover his painful memories and sought to secretly find a way to destroy Naraku while still maintaining the illusion of being a puppet and later forming an alliance with Kagura. For a while Kohaku accompanied Kikyou with the intention of assisting her in carrying out Midorikos will. Around the time of Kikyous death however he was saved from Byakuya by Sesshomaru and currently travels with Sesshomaru Jaken and Rin. Kohaku means amber.