Mafuyu Satou

佐藤真冬, Mafuyu Sato
Birthday:Feb 28
Initial Age:16
Blood Type:AB
Height: 173 cm One of the protagonists of the mangaanime. He has a quiet calm and mysterious personality he cant express his thoughts and emotions very well despite being a sincere boy. After all he is a strong person who has endured many bad things in his past. He lives with his mother who works a lot and is never shown in the manga and anime and his dog named Kedama but he usually calls him Tama cat name. His best friends in the past were Hiiragi Yuuki his exboyfriend and Shizusumi they were friends since childhood his current best friends are Uenoyama his current boyfriend Kaji and Haruki although he still maintains some contact with Hiiragi.