Kagura lit. Music of the gods is a wind sorceress created from Naraku039s own body. Despite this she has her own mind and is willing to fight desperately for freedom. Her first appearance involves Kagura039s use of the quotShikabane Maiquot or quotDance of the Deadquot to lure out Koga039s companions and slaughter them. Following this she splattered Inuyasha in the blood causing Koga to arrive to quotavenge his companions.quot Unbeknownst to Koga he has a false Shikon no Tama shard rather than the real oneand upon severly injuring Inuyasha he is immobilized by Kagura039s fake. Assured that she has won the battle Kagura steps forward to take the real shikon shards as well as Koga039s life. This is interrupted by Inuyasha who proceeds to fight Kagura and is on the verge of being killed when he is finally able to interrupt Kagura039s winds to unleash a Kaze no Kizu. Surprised Kagura flees briefly showing a spidershaped burn scar on her back similar to Naraku039s. She realizes that Naraku has been using her and proceeds to attack him being stopped when he squeezes her heart and tells him that he holds her life in his hands. Since then Kagura has worked to kill him often using others.