The young leader of a yrzoku ykaiwolf tribe Kga wishes to avenge his fallen comrades who were slaughtered by Kagura one of Naraku039s minions. While brash and arrogant he is shrewd enough to run from a fight if he thinks he can039t win. He has a shikon shard in each of his legs which make him stronger and faster. Although he bickers with InuYasha constantly when one of them is in danger the other will lend a hand. He considers Kagome his woman which irritates InuYasha to no end. Koga constantly confesses his love towards Kagome but Kagome does not share his affections only having eyes for InuYasha. As the series goes on Koga lets up on his affections for Kagome gradually. Eventually in chapter 466 of the manga he leaves her behind with the statement 039if InuYasha ever starts getting on your nerves you can come to me.039 quotKogaquot means quotsteel fang.quot