Tanyuu Karibusa

Tanyuu is the fourth and current Scribe of the Karibusa family. A Karibusa Scribe is a person with a special coallike birthmark. The birthmark contains a type of Mushi called The Forbidden Mushi. The curse is located on her right leg. Tanyuu is a kind person who despite the amount of hardship that the Mushi have brought on her life is extremely attached to them. For this reason she hates having to hear stories about Mushi being treated as lesser than humans or as vermin that need to be killed. She loves hearing stories about Mushi from Ginkohttps://anilist.co/character/425/Ginko because unlike most Mushishi he is attached to Mushi and understands that Mushi are not just evil creatures but simply living creatures trying to survive. She is efficient and talented at her job something she initially hated as a child but grew to love and is proud but compassionate towards those she loves. A cursed Mushi that once nearly brought the destruction of all of life is sealed in her right leg and she is upset that this Mushi is the reason her current guardian and the Minai family line are suffering. She often worries more about others than herself but does lament the inability to use her leg. Tanyuus deepest desire is to complete the sealing away of the forbidden Mushi and to be freed to travel with Ginko. Source: Mushishi Wiki edited