Abused and ultimately sold by his alcoholic father Aaron is a young boy who once was the companion of a demon named Nebiros who granted his every wish. But he ultimately grew bored and dissatisfied in Nebiross castle lured by the enticing company of a young shepherd girl who persuaded him to run away with her. Once he left the castle however she turned into a werewolf and bit him with the intention of devouring him. He was ultimately rescued by Nebiros but stung by his young charges betrayal the demon abandoned him. Thanks to the bite of the female werewolf Aaron is now cursed to turn into a werewolf every full moon. After Pamela takes him from the streets and reads his cards she adopts him and hires him as her assistant. He is a flighty but ultimately goodhearted boy described by Pamela as having the nose of a dog and the brain of a bird who is haunted by the horrific change that comes over him every month and with the memory of the man who was like a true father to him. Source: Wikipedia