The name of two virtually identical men with intimate connections to Pamela: one her former teacher and lover and the other a mysterious young man who suddenly appears on Pamelas doorstep. The original Ash was a dragon of great rank though a kind slightly scatterbrained recluse in comparison to his closest friend the serious and belligerent though dutiful Alecto. He discovered Pamela after her mother was executed and raised her ultimately falling in love with her against the misgivings of Alecto. Pamelas and Ashs idyllic existence soon was shattered upon Ashs death and the passing of his immortality to her with the last drop of his blood. Despite his love for Pamela and his genuine affection for Alecto he truly detested life and wanted nothing more to die unleashing a tragic series of events that resulted in Pamelas anguished inheritance of his immortality. The present day Ash appears to have no memories of his past and yet seems to attract the worst sort of company. Despite his sweet almost innocent demeanor he is in reality a cruel sociopathic entity who has no trouble torturing and seducing others for mere amusement. He was apparently raised by the curious fortuneteller Cora since childhood though he shows her no real affection. He has a similarly tumultuous relationship with Bellus able to threaten the other man without repercussions. Eventually he comes to be kidnapped by a confused Alecto and after a failed seduction attempt faints at the speaking of his past name. Once he is returned he comes to haunt both Pamela and Coras steps once more culiminating in a devastating revelation about his past and purpose. Source: Wikipedia