Another dragon from the days of Dark England with a grim prophecy hanging over him: the day he falls in love with a human would be the day he dies. Though friends with Ash he treats him with open contempt and a gruff concern particularly regarding Ashs taking care of Pamela. His callousness extends to the point that he calls Ash a useless dragon and were he a female Alecto would impregnate the other to propagate the species. Belatedly finding of Ashs death from a loyal wind servant he was unable to find anything at the site of the death. He has since hunted Pamela insistent she killed Ash whether in malice or carelessness. So when he finally finds her and proceedes to attack her who should walk into the cafe but Ash himself. Confused Alecto questions him fiercely only to be told that this was not the real Ash. Refusing to accept the fact he later kidnaps Ash and chains him in his bedchamber. After nearly being taken in by Ashs charms he flees and later returns to explain to the new Ash about his past. When he speaks the past Dragons name he is then thrown back by a mysterious force and obliterated. Later it turns out that he was sent to Hell and spoke with a threeheaded crone who told him his fate. It is later revealed that Alecto was also in love with Pamela since he first saw her and that he wishes to kill her to end his pain. source: