Takako Chigusa

千草貴子, Taka
Takako Chigusa is a character in the novel Battle Royale and the film and manga of the same name. In the Englishlanguage manga she is nicknamed Taka. Chigusa has Btype blood. Takako is one of the class of thirdyear students at the fictional Shiroiwa Junior High School in the fictional town of Shiroiwa the novel and manga set the town in Kagawa Prefecture while the film sets the town in Kanagawa Prefecture. Takako was the best sprinter on the girls track team her record time on the 200 meters sprint was second best in the schools history. She was very pretty described by many students including Shinji Mimura as the second prettiest girl in the class with Mitsuko Souma being the first. In a flashback Mimura goes as far to describe Takako as being a gradeA babe. In the novel Takako has orange streaks in her hair the manga also mentions her having streaked hair but does not elaborate on the colors earrings with two in her left ear and one in her right ear designer rings on the middle and ring fingers of her left hand five bracelets on her wrist and a pendant made from a foreign coin. Takako maintained long fingernails much to the chagrin of Mr. Tada Takakos coach. Takako managed to get away with her unusual hairstyles and excessive jewellery at school because of her sporting abilities and good grades. She resented having to dress unattractively for school and was quite vain. She had a sister Ayako who was two years younger than her and a pet dog Hanako. Takakos best friend was Kahoru Kitazawa a girl from another class who had been her friend for seven years. Her best friend in her class was Hiroki Sugimura the only classmate she trusted and whom she had been friends with since primary school. Hiroki had been her classmate for two years starting in the 8th grade the second year of junior high school. She was in love with Hiroki but she did not realize that fact immediately. She also had a crush on an unnamed older person. When rumors started in the class that she was dating Kazushi Niida Takako was unimpressed and was angry that Niida did nothing to stop the rumors. When she was angered Takako would always break into a grin. In the manga Niida also reveals to her that before the Program because of her cold and machinelike demeanor accompanied with her loner attitude which was later described as borderline arrogance that around the class people referred to her as robobitch. During the Program Niida constantly refers to her as such. During The Program Source: Wikipedia