Race: Human Age: Unknown Tao Attribute: Water Affiliation: Sanka Mountain People Formerly Nurugai is the last remaining member of the Sanka and a wrongly convicted deathrow criminal. Her assigned monitor is Tenza Nurugai looks down on samurai viewing them as stupid. Her disdain for them stems from the fact that they were partially responsible for killing her people. Because of this incident Nurugai feels a strong guilt for leading her villages extermination even believed that the reason why she is on a dangerous mission is because she was receiving divine punishment for her actions and accepted death. Nurugai was raised with the Sanka Mountain People in a village where she had lived with her grandfather. Nurugai and her grandfather were in a friendly familial relationship where she would learn off her grandfathers wisdom. Her village however were considered rebels against the current shogunate refusing to submit to Tokugawa. Because of this samurai were sent to locate the hillside tribes they defined as Emishis. One day Nurugai crossed paths with a party of lost men encouraging Nurugai to offer her help by seeking rest in the security of her village. Nurugai recognized her mistake when she realised that these men were samurai under the order of Tokugawa who began a mass killing of her village that would leave her as the sole survivor.