Gantetsusai Tamiya

民谷巌鉄斎, Blade Dragon, 剣龍, Kenryū, Eight Provinces Unparalleled, 八州無双, Hasshū Musō
Race: Human Age: Unknown Tao Attribute: Fire Tamiya Gantetsusai formerly known as Tetsunosuke is a renown master swordsman known throughout as the Blade Dragon and Eight Provinces Unparalleled. He considers fighting to be fun and lives to seek out and battle strong opponents that can make him feel a thrill whenever he has to draw his blade. Even when critically injured Gantetsusais carries a satisfied smile from the adrenaline he gets from fighting and feels as though as he is becoming stronger with each injury. However he is not very disciplined preferring to recklessly fight his opponents head on without thinking of a clear strategy or listen to his allies and hates it when others try to interfere in his enjoyment. Gantetsusai also has a perverted side as he took note and commented on Yuzurihas physique during the selection process. Despite his perverted behavior Gantetsusai has morals as he felt disgusted of the thought of the Dshi using Mei for sexual intercourse to complete their Tao training. At a young age Tetsunosuke was trained in the art of swordsmanship. After being defeated by his master Tetsunosuke asked how he was able to despite his old age. He explains to Tetsunosuke that he has become greedy with wanting to become stronger and says that he must throw away his strength in order to see everything in what he has left. Despite this lesson Tetsunosuke was unable to understand what his master was telling him. As he grew up Tetsunosuke renamed himself to Tamiya Gantetsusai and went around searching for strong opponents eventually making a name for himself as a fame swordsman.