ハロウィン, Haritsuke
Halloween is the second strongest Knight and the third in command losing out to Peta only for the latter039s intelligence. Halloween was abandoned as a child by his parents who gave him the name of Pump and was often bullied by other children in his town. During his childhood Pump also developed a penchant for dismembering small animals such as dogs. Despite this and the town039s disliking towards him Pump039s childhood friends Alan still remained friends with him. One day however Alan showed Pump an AumlRM that creates flames. Attracted to it Pump thieved the AumlRM murdered the children who bullied him and left the village but not before telling Alan they would always be different people. At some point Pump joined the Chess Pieces and taking on the title of Halloween and chaining himself to a cross AumlRM would eventually rise to the rank of Knight. As fate would have it Halloween would fight Alan who had joined the Cross Guard and the fight ended in a draw. Even to today Halloween still holds a deep hatred for Alan inside of his crippled heart.