Takumi Yukino

Making his first appearance in volume 8 Takumi is the new protoganist in the 2nd season of the Dragon Drive series. Takumis a mildmannered boy who needs a little excitement in his life. But when he sneaks out to play Dragon Drive he gets more than he can handle Paired with a strange dragon named Raikoo Takumi discovers that he holds the power to waste his D.D. opponentsand that he has the amazing ability to talk to dragons. But why cant Raikoo remember his past? Why is Takumi having weird dragon dreams? And why do they have to fight 99 other Raikoos? A new Dragon Drive adventure is about to begin A habitual daydreamer Takumi prefers activities like bonsai napping and others that are preferred by much older folk. After receiving his first set of Dragon Drive cards he decides to give the game a try. For fear of his sisters wrath he goes under the name quotMatsu Goroquot. Instead of battling in the Beginners Room like most rookies are supposed to go on their first time he is bumped by a competitor whom ends up dropping his Competitors Badge to play in the West Tokyo District Tournament. Even with zero experience in playing Dragon Drive Takumi still manages to defeat Kenji Koto He is later found out by Agent L and as punishment forced to enter the National Tournament. Sources: Viz: Dragon Drive vol. 8 Wikipedia