Pharaoh Atem

闇の遊戯, Pharaoh, Nameless Pharaoh, Yami No Yuugi, The Other Me, The Other Yugi
Pharaoh Atem is the spirit residing in the Milennium Puzzle. After a historic battle against Zorc Necrophadius he had sealed his soul along with Zorc in order to save Egypt. However he had lost his memory as a result. 3000 5000 in the dub years later Yugi Mutou after trying to solve the puzzle for eight years awakens Atem from his slumber although Yugi does not realize this until much later in the story more specifically Duelist Kingdom. At the end of Duelist Kingdom Atem asks Yugi to help him recover his memories and Yugi agrees to help him. Battle City Doma Arc