Junichi Nagase

長瀬 準一, Jun, Genokiller
Birthday:Mar 31
Birthday: March 31 1993 Jun039ichi is the main protagonist of the series. He is a second year high school student and had a quarrel with a transfer student Yuuhi Katagiri on the first day of school. It turns out that Yuuhi is his fianceacute as arranged by his family. His life takes a drastic turn with Yuuhi entering his life.When he first met her he had the impression she was a helpless girl and kissed her because of a misunderstanding. After that Yuuhi becomes much more violent towards Jun039ichi. Since Yuuhi is often harassed he finds himself protecting her as time progresses their love for each other grows even though neither of them will admit it. Throughout the anime series it is hinted that Jun039ichi has romantic feelings for his sister Minato but he is reluctant to admit this even though he sometimes has fantasies about her.