Alexis Hargreaves

アレクシス・ハーグリーヴス, Cardmaster

Cain and Jizabel's father. Abusive, and a skillful manipulator Alexis blames Cain for Augusta's insanity and death, and resolves to make life impossible for him. As the leader of Delilah, he assigns members within the secret organization their ranks. The only person he ever loved was his sister, Augusta, despite his arranged marriage to a woman he later murders. While Cain believes that Alexis raped Augusta, she actually seduced him. After Augusta's death, he stole her head from her coffin before she is cremated on their father's orders. Using cells extracted from her head, Alexis makes several clones of her; all except for one perish. The remaining clone is soulless and he hopes to coax her spirit into it, using a magic ritual. The research Alexis puts into creating a new body for his sister leads to the creation of the dolls. Alexis simultaneously despised and wanted happiness for his sons. (Source: Wikipedia)