Yuty La

A member of the Silver Tribe thus having the ability to create spiritual projections of herself and has also shown the ability of teleportation. The young female has long tresses almost twice her own length and is the unspoken quotleaderquot of the four Silver Tribe039s Nodos. Yuty039s entire philosophy can be summed up in her first response to Karkinos039 question about the fifth Nodos: quotPeople who do not submit to the Silver Tribe have no need to live.quot Although she seems cruel Yuty has been shown to care for the life of Karkinos and may have feelings for him. Yuty is under the direct control of Rome Ro and cannot act without his express order. Yuty039s black Hero Tribe form quotCerbiusquot can surround itself with a powerful shield capable of deflecting energy weapons even beams strong enough to destroy a star. Cerbius has the power to create massive vortexes that act like Black Holes swallowing whole fleets of ships and sending them into 039nothingness039. This power is considered the most devastating out of the five Nodos. Cerbius039s power is thought to be Nothingness but it is revealed to be the gate to the Golden Tribe039s power. Yuty039s contract with the Silver Tribe contains 8 Labors.