Lero-Ro is a former Examiner of the Second Floor. He is an exceptionally strong Ranker, to the point that even Quant, also a former Administrator (and a haughty one), would constantly boast about his strength. He was supposedly the strongest Second Floor Administrator and is particularly skilled in the use of Shinsoo. He was also the Light Bearer position instructor. He is fairly old, older than Yuri Zahard, as he stated that Anak Zahard didn't live up to a Princess's chaotic expectations like Yuri Zahard did, whom he met when they were both Regulars. He and Quant are awkwardly described as a "Set Menu", explained by the fact that Lero-Ro and Quant climbed the Tower together like a team. He is apparently quite famous, as his profile can be found on the network Light Bearers use and he took over 300 years to climb the Tower.