Deathtopia Virtuoso Suicide-Master

デストピア・ヴィルトゥオーゾ・スーサイドマスター, The Death-prepared,Death-inevitable,Death-certain Vampire

Deathtopia is a purebred vampire, possibly being the longest living one known to man. She is very arrogant and prideful, and urges others to use her name that she created for herself. She is known for the long, bizarre names she creates. Her many deaths and lack of eating has caused her to shrink, much like Shinobu.

As a vampire, Deathtopia has created many minions, including Tropicalesque, and more notably, KissShot. She has had many minions in her life, but almost all of them have rebelled, besides Tropicalesque. Deathtopia, however, likes the minions that rebelled over how loyal Tropicalesque was. Deathtopia was also the one who had saved Princess Acerola from her curse of beauty.

Deathtopia had originally manifested through the hatred for a tyrant that was known as the "Corpse King," who resided in the Corpse Castle. The king had caused many deaths in the long forgotten kingdom, eventually being overthrown, and the subjects moving to another castle. Deathtopia, after manifesting, resided in the Corpse Castle as her new home.