Tatsuo Mana

真名 辰夫
A friend of Asaga039s who was always sickly with a hereditary disease. As he stayed sick he grew angry with the outside world he went to Psyren and offered Asaga a card but he refused. In Psyren he is a figure wearing holding a rifle that uses his PSI energy. After he kills all but the five survivors he takes aim at them and destroys part of the building. Amamiya says he039s a Burst user and he also uses Rise to fight her physically. After using Trance Amamiya realizes that Tatsuo was transformed into a Tavoo by having an orb implanted into him. Tatsuo regains his mind after being hit by Ageha039s however his core remains because it is integrated to his body. Because he does not have his card he stays in Psyren revealing that he will die when his core runs out of energy but will look for a way around this. He describes his time as a Taboo as being trapped in someone else039s body and regrets all the killing he did. He appears later on chapter 69 when he saved Asaga from some Taboo. He is later shown with a new Asaga as they are planning to take down a tower. Tatsuo appears again during the W.I.S.E attack on Tenju039s Root riding atop Hiryu039s dragon PSI. He uses his gun to poke holes in the dark sky revealing the sun and causing the Tavoo in the area to disintegrate. Wikipedia