Tatsuhiko Shibusawa


Birthday: May 8 (Taurus)
Age: 29
Ability: Draconia

He is the main antagonist in DEAD APPLE. Six years ago, he pulled the strings behind the Dragon's Head Conflict.

His ability, Draconia, has several forms and variations.

He can create a mist that separates abilities from their users, causing them to attack them. If the ability succeeds in killing its user, they transform into a gem and become part of his collection.
The abilities themselves also have a red gem on their bodies, which is their weak point. Destroying it will 'kill' them. If the user then accepts their ability, it is regained. If they reject it, it will instead lie dormant.

As long as Shibusawa's collection is intact, he can 'revive' himself.

The combined chaos of all the abilities Shibusawa has collected can transform him into a dragon-hybrid, similar to Atsushi's weretiger transformation, and even a full dragon.

Long before the events of Dead Apple, Shibusawa was killed by Atsushi as he was torturing him in the orphanage as a young child in an attempt to bring out his ability. Draconia brought him back, but he was finally killed again for good by Fyodor.