Ken Kitano

ๅŒ—้‡Žๅ …, Boss
A highschool delinquent and the primary protagonist who drops out of school and leaves Japan in pursuit of his love Yumin. While in Korea he lives his life as a shutin for an entire year being unable to find an actual job. After saving an old man from being killed by loan sharks he was scouted and invited to join a local ganggondal to work under Taesoo as one of his underlings. After fighting against Taesoo he was offered the position of boss instead. He initially declined since he wanted to join the police force alongside Yumin but Taesoo eventually manipulates him into taking the position. His strength and sense of justice earns him the loyalty of his gang and the local community. As the leader of the SunKen Rock Gang he often hides his true identity from others ex.: he tells Yumin he works at a video game company as a cover. Kens parents were killed during a Yakuza war when he was 13. The character design of Ken is heavily influenced from Vash of Trigun Manga. Source: Wikipedia