Hinata Tachibana

橘日向, Hina (ヒナ), Miss Detective, Pretty Lady, Big Sis
Birthday:May 21, 1991
Age:14 (past), 26 (present)
Height: 153 cm Hinata Tachibana is the girlfriend of Takemichi Hanagaki who is the primary reason for Takemichis desire to change the past. In 2005 Hinata is a 14 year old girl. Hinata has light brown eyes and wears her rosy brown hair a little longer than before: it goes beyond her shoulders. She is seen wearing a long black dress with embroidered flowers. She also wears a necklace around her neck materializing her relationship with Takemichi Hanagaki during their middle school years. Hinata has a very outgoing and upbeat personality who is highly optimistic and always finds ways to make undesirable situations better. Even when others become demoralized or despair Hinata remains strong in order to push them forward.