A Rune Knight who has lost the memory of his childhood. Chaos came to live in Fayon a village of great warriors and became best friends with Iris Irine the heir to leadership of the village. When Fenris Fenrir arrived in Fayon Chaos learned that he was the reincarnation of Baldr the God of Light. With his memories starting to return and his powers growing with every battle Chaos struggles to unravel his past and find his true destiny. Chaos appears to be a newer name than his original in this lifetime. In a flashback he wears the name tag of quotVermillionquot from a dragon knight who found him in a bloody area with slain soldiers and a young girl in his arms. Despite his troubled past he is a relatively goodnatured young man who is somewhat clueless about romantic relationships particularly with Iris Irine. He also is a very loyal friend including to the very reticent Loki.