Kanako Miyamae

宮前かなこ, Yuri Girl
Birthday:Aug 31
Blood Type:AB
Height: 173 cm She is a second year high school transfer student to the prestigious Catholic girls school Ame no Kisaki which both her parents attended. Kanakos father was a teacher there and her mother a student when they fell in love they got married quite soon after they left school. Kanako was born not too long after that. She made a decision to come to Ame no Kisaki based on her parents finding happiness together and she in turn wanted to find her fated one. However not all is clear on the path of love. The day before she enrolls Kanako happens to meet a kind helpful and indeed beautiful student Mariya Shidou. Although she is not what she seems. Kanako absolutely detests men and will proceed to break out in hives if one happens to touch her. She is a Lesbian but prefers the term yuri even though she still hides this fact from her peers. Its interesting to note that when Kanako first met Mariya she broke out in hives although hives are a psychological effect. An error perhaps. When Kanako was younger the boys in her class teased her going so far as to steal her recorder and gym clothes fueling her hatred. Kanako is quick to fantasize about her classmates and is viewed as a pervert by both Mariya and Matsurika. Kanako fears Mariya although she still finds him quite attractive judging by the amount of times she has nosebleeds when hes around. She has two friends at the school Sachi Momoi and Yuzuru Inamori. She has attempted to become friends with Nanami Kiri but until now her efforts have been in vain. In episode eleven Kanako mentioned that she had both a useless older sister and a sweet younger sister.