Lao Yao

药老, Yao Chen
Yao Lao has long white hair and wide red eyes. His skin is very pale and has a tall lean figure. Have great pride protective and benevolent. He was abandoned by his own clan Yao clan because he born with a very thin amount of Dou Qi in his blood. He founded Falling Star Pavilion along with Feng ZunZhe before going out to adventure. In the past Yao Lao traveled the world with his friends who were all Dou Zun. He won the first place in a competition held by Pill Tower and asked to join the inner circle of Pill Tower but he turn down the chance and also an elder of the Pill Tower holds romantic feelings towards him. He spent 8 years waiting for the Bone Chilling Flame. He was the most respectable and skilful alchemist in the whole southern region of the Central Plain. He is the master of the Yao Wang Han Feng and Xiao Yans mother Gu Wen Xin but been betrayed and killed by his disciple Han Feng who got the help from Spirit Hall. After his death his first disciple Gu Wen Xin seal his spirit in a ring to keep him safe from Han Feng. After Gu Wen Xin passed away she give the ring to his son Xiao Yan.