Allen Walker

アレン・ウォーカー, Crown Clown, God's Joker, Bean Sprout, Short Stack, Destroyer of Time
Blood Type:O
Birth Date: Unknown December 25 date of adoption Height: 168170 cm 5657 Nationality: British Allen is the main hero of the series. He was abandoned by his biological parents because of the supposed deformity of his left arm which was later revealed to be caused by his Innocence. He was eventually found and adopted by a traveling performer named Mana Walker on Christmas Day. Some time later Mana died and Allen tormented with grief and manipulated by the Millennium Earl turned Mana into an Akuma hoping that his beloved surrogate father would be fully resurrected. But the Mana Akuma cursed Allen and sliced through his left eye leaving the Pentacle the mark of the Akuma which scars the left side of his face. This enabled his left eye to see the souls trapped within the Akuma from then on. It was at this same moment that Allens left arm first invoked as an AntiAkuma weapon which instinctively destroyed the Mana Akuma. During the course of this traumatic event Allens hair turned from brown into a stark white. Allen eventually meets Cross Marian a General of the Black Order who explained to Allen the ways of the Akuma and the trapped souls within them: Once a soul becomes trapped inside an Akuma they are trapped forever and that the only way to save one is to exorcise them from their Akuma vessel. Allen subsequently became Cross disciple and spent the next three years with him before being sent to the Black Order to become an official exorcist. During this time Allen was tormented by his masters constant irresponsible behavior and forced into various oddjobs to pay off the debts that General Cross accumulated. This coupled with Marians womanizing ways and harsh treatment towards Allen led to Walker fearing more than respecting his master whom he never speaks fondly of.