Froese (フローゼ Furōze), the Chef Goddess (神の料理人 Kami no Ryōrijin), was the legendary holy chef who formed a Combo with the equally-legendary "Gourmet God" Acacia. Due to this and her many selfless achievements in life, she is renowned as the greatest chef in history and was able to prepare all of the holy and phantasmal ingredients in Acacia's Full Course Menu.

Aside from being the legendary holy chef, she is the biological mother of Toriko and Starjun and the foster mother of Ichiryu, Jiro, and Midora, whom she loved with all her heart, and they grew up to become notable individuals in history. It was the love for her sons that would eventually lead to her tragic and premature passing.

In the final chapter of Toriko, it is revealed that Froese is a reincarnation of mother of a family of Gourmet Gods