戦神, God of War

The God of War and creator of the Flügel. Artosh was considered to be the strongest and mightiest member of the Old Deus.

He is described as being a hulk of a man, being over double the height of a regular man. He sports bulging muscles all around his body, a strong black beard, and bright golden eyes. He has 18 pairs of wings on his back that, when not in use, completely drape over his back like a feathered cape.

Artosh was extremely prideful, considering himself the, "strongest being alive." However, he secretly wished for someone who could face him head-on.

Artosh was able to use a much more potent version of Heaven Strike, called, "God Strike." His God Strike was extremely powerful, being almost impossible to stop. After using God Strike, he would be very weak and fatigued. He was killed at the end of the great war due to that drawback. Because of that, he held high respect for Riku; who, despite being an Imanity, was able to kill him through a risky plan.