Morihito Inugami

Birthday:Oct 9
Blood Type:O
Birthplace: Unknown Birth date: October 9 Age: Unknown Morihito Inugami is a teacher at Magami High and more specifically Anko039s homeroom teacher. His biggest enjoyment is found in the company of a hutch of pet rabbits he keeps on the school grounds and he is constantly studying carrots. He seems rather passive and noncommittal almost lazy and many of the students think of him as bizarre. However Inugamisensei is profoundly a mystery. He never leaves the school grounds and yet is always aware of everything that goes on within the City on a spiritual level. Somehow he knows Hisui Kisaragi and that the teenager is a demon fighter. He is also close to Takako Iwayama the doctor at Sakuragaoka Central Hospital apparently having a past relationship with her that is also a mystery. He is often shown disapproving of mankind and its inability to learn from past mistakes. Inugami is also featured in the game Tokyo Majin Gakuen: Gehouchou. Adapted from Wikipedia Japan Wikipedia and original video game data