カイオウ, Majin Kaioh
Kaioh is the First Rash. He proclaims himself to be the Creator of the New Century and the Demon Kaioh. Kaioh is the elder blood brother of Raoh and Toki who remained in Asura after his brothers left the country when they were children. He bears a strong resemblance to Raoh only with an xshaped scar on his face. Kaioh is characterized as the strongest warrior of Asura and is the only other character besides Souther to brutally defeat Kenshiro following their initial encounter. He wears a specially constructed armor which allows him to control his evil aura. He hates the main Hokuto bloodline from which Ken and Hyoh are descended due to the fact that he was forced to play a subordinate role to Hyoh by Jukei despite possessing superior skills. Kaioh is the last major villain in the manga there are others after him and the final opponent Kenshiro faces in the TV series. Source: Wikipedia