Risa Matoba

Birthday:Nov 19
Blood Type:B
Height: 143 cm Hometown: Yamaguchi Prefecture Japan Risa is a demanding young girl who absolutely adores her father. It seems her father gives her anything she wants. Risa seems to have a cheetah or tiger motif and usually wears prints of these animals in her clothes. In her S Rare+ she carries a white tiger cub and in her second S Rare she has a plush like the cub she held in the former card. It is implied her father may be a poacher as her second S Rare shows she has a rug made out of giraffe skin and this could also be the reason shes associated with endangered species like cheetahs and tigers. Its obvious Risa loves her father dearly and like most young girls has stated shed like to marry him one day. Unlike the vast majority of idols in the series she sees the Producer as the second most important man in her life: Dad always comes first and foremost. The traits she finds charming in the Producer are really those that he shares with her father. In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits Risa is introduced by Ayaka Kishibe. She states that she is becoming a top idol for her father. Her love of her father extends to most of her life even making her want to make pancakes for him. She is extremely prideful and doesnt seem to like horses after one licks her face and bites her hair. She planned to use Yuu Ohtas dog as a pompom. Mary Cochran and Rika Jougasaki see her as a sort of role model and she seems to have found a friend in Haru Yuuki.