Mai Fukuyama

Birthday:Jan 21
Age: 10 Height: 132 cm Weight: 28 kg Birthday: January 21 Blood type: O Three sizes: B64W56H70 Hobbies: Unicycling Among the younger idols Mai Fukuyama is one of the more mature and composed girls. Despite being ten shes very responsible to the point where her schools class and year representatives leave things like class greetings to her. It was revealed in Starlight Stage that before she became an idol Mai used to be a child actress. After being encouraged by her mother Mai decided to try being an idol. She took a liking to the Producer as he reminds Mai of her mother who always encourages her to try new experiences so that she can find what she enjoys most. In the tie in Cinderella Girls Gekijou skits Mai is shown to be good friends and schoolmates with Kaoru Ryuzaki and Chika Yokoyama. She found that she enjoys putting her hair in pigtails. While in the company of her fellow idols she got to split a melon on the beach and is one of the founding members of the Little Marching Band Girls unit where she sings and helps conduct. Mai participates in lessons with Chika Chie Sasaki and Arisa Mochida. She has a role in Chikas magical girl TV show as the power of the azure water. Source: ProjectiMS