Maria Alucard

Birthday:Feb 9
Blood Type:O
Age: Unknown Birth date: February 9 Birthplace: Unknown Maria Alucard is Magami Academys 3C Homeroom teacher the class of Tatsuma Kyouichi and Aoi. She can be somewhat childish as a teacher often losing her temper enough to scream and throw things at students who get out of hand. She is rather annoyed by Kyouichi who calls her Mariachan and always comes up with excuses to skip class shes also not fond of Tatsumas habit of sleeping through her class. The voluptuous beautiful teacher is popular amongst the kids undoubtly because she can behave like a kid herself. She rides a motorcycle to work everyday and because she is the English language teacher she often speaks in English outside of class. Although she is hardpressed to admit it she is very protective of her students and often pries Morihito Inugami for information regarding the whereabouts of the mysterious Magami Five. Like Inugami Maria seems to understand about the supernatural powers that be more than a regular human should... Maria reveals towards the end of the anime that she had hated humans and wanted to do them harm. But the conflict seemed to have caused a change of heart and she now professes to Inugami that she wants to protect her students having come to accept their affection. Source: Wikipedia original video game data