Lobelia Carlini

Floral Namesake: The genus Lobelia also possibly the genus Carlina Place of Origin: Romania of mixed RomanianItalian descent Talents: Thievery Pyrokinetic KoubuF Unit/KoubuF2 Unit: Colour: Swamp Green Weapons: Extendable Claws Birthdate: November 13 1903 Age: 203rarr214 Height: 179 cm 503910quot Weight: 64 kg Blood Type: AB Theme Song: quot1924556331quot A thief who was sentenced to one thousand years of confinement for her numerous crimes. Because eighty percent of the criminal incident in Paris was her doing she was called the greatest villain in Paris. She has a tendency to use any means to achieve her goal: she used her spiritual powers to commit her crimes and burned a famous painting when the enemy tried to use it as a bargaining chip. Born between a Romanian father and an Italian mother. When the Paris Hanagumi members are being led into the prison where she was detained to recruit her she takes Erica as hostage. However because of Erica039s comical yet sincere approach she was confused and captured off guard. Even though Erica was taken hostage by her Erica manages to heal her wounds much to her surprise. The only antihero throughout the three Hanagumi she joins the Paris Hanagumi under the condition that her sentence would be reduced and a huge reward would be given with each dispatch on the other hand if she refuses to join Grand Mere has the right to do as she pleases even to kill her. She hesitates to intimate interaction with people and often acts cold selfish and irresponsible in order to keep people from becoming close to her. However to Erica those actions had no effect. Because Erica keeps approaching her as a normal person worthy of attention and because she cannot stop Erica from doing so she has a hard time dealing with Erica. Even so she does care for Erica. In Chapter 7 of the game she baked a birthday cake for Erica and in Chapter 8 contrary to her words she searches for Erica. Sakura Taisen: Ecole De Paris shows how Lobelia and Erica first met Lobelia while being chased by the police accidentally knocks Erica into a pile of trash. It also shows how she is captured before being recruited. After the attempt by Grand Mere to capture her fails Norimichi Sakomizu shoots a spiritual bullet through her heart. Because of her powers she is only temporary paralyzed. After refusing an offer by Ogami she is finally recruited by Grand Mere. She dances a gypsy dance as quotSaphirquot at Chattes Noires. Her dancing is very good making detective Evian a fan. She likes gambling and has extensive knowledge of whiskey and wine. She uses a chain connected to her right arm as a whip and also can conjure flame with her spiritual power. Her spiritual armor is equipped with a huge claw. Her KoubuF originally had one huge extendable claw but it was later revamped to the KoubuF2 which had both arms instead of one equipped with the weapon. Wikipedia