Yu Kanda

神田 ユウ, Bakanda, Yuu Kanda
Birthday:Jun 6
Age:17, currently 18
Blood Type:AB
Height: 177cm 59 was 175 cm 58 start Weight: 59 kg 130 lbs was 61kg 134 lbs start Hair Color: Dark Blue Black Eye Color: Dark Blue Interest: Gardening making Soba Likes: Soba Tempura pumpkin green peppers and lotus root Dislikes: Anything group related and lots more Nationality: Japanese Relatives: Unknown Kanda Yu is a main protagonist character and member of the fictional religious organization known as the Black Order in the anime and manga series D.Grayman by Katsura Hoshino. Kanda is a young and handsome Japanese man usually found in any mood that isnt positive. Kanda has long black hair dark blue in the anime which the mangaka notes that he uses soap to wash. Lavi comments that Kanda is a prettytype character and Allen occasionally calls him feminine face. He also has been commented that he has dark eyes by the head of the Asian branch 9 years ago and he has blue eyes in the manga. Kanda seems to be conceited over his hair. Personality Kanda comes across as cold stoic and arrogant even to his fellow exorcists. In battle he will do anything to win sometimes at the risk of his teammates. He once made a sarcastic joke about leaving them to die. It is his opinion that exorcists are not saviors. Yu or Yuu is Kandas given name though he dislikes being called by it or even introducing himself as such. He calls Allen bean sprout moyashi English Dub: Short Stack. Kanda seems to know Lavi though he doesnt hesitate with his usual threats if Lavi calls Kanda by his given name. However it is clear that Kanda does care for his fellow Exorcists and the Finders whom he claims not to care about. He tends to mask his emotions and often claims Its none of my business. In spite of his intentions he and Allen are often at each others throats and rarely see eyetoeye on anything. Kandas favorite foods are soba noodles and tempura especially pumpkin shishitou a small sweet green pepper and lotus root. Kanda dislikes many things to the point that there are too many to write down. However Kanda himself points out that he hates people with naive personalities people who dont keep their promises cursed people people who cant keep their mouths shut people who call him by his given name and sweet things. History Innocence Mugen Six Illusions. Kanda has a sword with supernatural powers. He runs his index and middle finger through the back of the blade to activate it whilst saying Mugen Unsheathe Innocence Activate which turns the blade silver. The Shape of the sword has changed throughout Kandas Timeline during his childhood it takes the form of a small butcher blade with multiple small wings on the hilt upon Kandas introduction in the beginning of the series it took the form of a chokuto a straight Japanese sword without a tsuba with a black crossemblazoned hilt and sheath but after his battle with Skin Boric it was reforged into a traditional Katana. Source: D.GrayMan Wikia