Rudolf Ushiromiya

右代宮 留弗夫

Kinzo's third child, and Battler's father. After his wife Asumu's death, he immediately remarried with Kyrie, leading to a falling out with his son, who ran away from home for six years. Rudolf is still known to chat up young women from time to time, though this does not seem to disturb Kyrie. He is an avid lover of Western films and an impressive marksman. He seeks Kinzo's fortune to settle a court case in America.

He was known as a philanderer in his youth and had impregnated his business partner and old girlfriend Kyrie with their son Battler before he married his first wife Asumu. He then deceived Kyrie and the other members of the Ushiromiya family into believing that Battler was actually Asumu's child, and that Kyrie's child was stillborn.