Rosa Ushiromiya

右代宮 楼座
Kinzo039s fourth child. As the youngest of her siblings she has the least influence at the family conference. Her husband abandoned her shortly before the birth of her daughter and only child Maria. Rosa is the president of a small design company quotAntiRosaquot which has recently begun to flounder and thus seeks out Kinzo039s inheritance to pay off her coendorsers. On the surface Rosa appears to be the most sensible and soothing of all the siblings. However as a result of being downtrodden by her older siblings in her childhood and forced to endure the pressures of a single mother she frequently loses control of her emotions and responds violently to her daughter039s childish behavior and overenthusiastic approach to the occult. While Rosa thought that Maria saying 039uuuu039 was charming for a while she eventually grew frustrated with it and often resorted to hitting her. Whenever Rosa hits Maria Maria says that she has been taken over by 039the black witch039.