Nanami Yoshi

吉七味 (よし ななみ), Miranda Wallace
Nanami is a virtual idol Nanami Yoshi won the female virtual talent limited audition coconducted by avex pictures and SHOWROOM in October 2018 winning the right to perform the animes ED song produced by Elements Garden and to make her voice actress debut. is also cast as Miranda Wallace in the anime. Her first single Attouteki Vivid Days Birthday:7/10 Height:160 cm Weight:42 kg Hobby:Internet Chinese Collect emo songs Favorite things : Frederick rockband emo songemotive music beautiful landscapes nattofermented soybeans Not good for: Katakana Special skills: Detective Dreams: Live performance at Budokan And one day become a virtual singer of Asia No 1 Phrase: I just live what I like How to spend holidays: on internet Twitter jp: Twitter ch: Youtube channel: