Kim Diehl

Kim is a lamp meister and partner to Jacqueline. She is the object of Ox039s affections but she constantly turns him down. Kim is obsessed with making money. Kim and her weapon are allied with the Arachnophobia a group that serves the witch Arachne though this is not entirely be her choice. It is reveled that Kim is a witch that wanted to get away from the witch assembly and the witch039s lifestyle and thus became a student. Her partner knows she is a witch but sticks by her all the way. Her animal theme is a tanuki racoon her magic chant is longer then most magic users quotTanunucoon Raccooncoo n Ponpon Ponkitanu Pon Pon Ponquot. Because of Kim039s forte in magic regeneration which goes against the instinct for witches to use their magic in destruction she was cast out of the witch society however due to her witch heritege she was simularily cast out of Shibusen because of these two experiences she has come to depend on money as it doesn039t discriminate between it039s handlers. Source: Wikipedia