ゼウス, God Father of Cosmos
Species: God Age: Eons Gender: Male Affiliation: Gods Zeus is a prominent deity and the Supreme God in the Greek Pantheon. He is also the chairman of the Gods Council and often referred to as the God Father of Cosmos When addressing his fellow gods Zeus is extremely calm and authoritative while possessing a very formal and wise disposition. Like most gods Zeus holds his own kind to a superior and extremely high standard always expecting them to win no matter the odds and seething with anger when they lose to humans. Zeus is also an eccentric individual having random exaggerated emotional outbursts breaking into a dance at the start of the second round of Ragnarok in front of everyone present even being called the most shameful god by Hermes. However after several rounds of Ragnarok passed Zeus became more humble even acknowledging Humanitys strength. He is also extremely faithful and confident in those of the Greek Pantheon. Zeus is the Gods representative in the second round of Ragnarok.