Shiko Kotobuki

寿詩子, C-ko
Cko Kotobuki is Akos best friend and has depended on her since they met in kindergarten. Cko can be considered quite childlike. She is described as cute and innocent tends to be hyperactive and in the Japanese version frequently refers to herself in the third person. Cko can often be sensitive and immature and because of this she has a tendency to cry. Sometimes she can also be selfish and possessive particularly in regards to Ako though whether this is because of unvoiced romantic interest in her friend is unknown. Nevertheless she is generally a nice caring and trusting person especially towards her friend Ako and she usually means well. In the first installment of the series Cko is revealed to be the Fourth Princess of the Fifth Queen of the Lepton Kingdom of Alpha Cygni an allfemale race of extraterrestrial aliens. She crashlanded on Earth when she was an infant and the Lepton Kingdom has been searching fervently for her ever since. However Cko is fairly uninterested in her unearthly ancestry and wants nothing more than to remain on Earth with Ako. Cko enjoys cooking but the food that she prepares is largely inedible and often contains ingredients not meant for human consumption. In episode three and four of the main series we see her having trouble sleeping usually falling off of the bed after tossing and turning. From episode one to episode three where we see her face flattened against a toy shop window indicating that she loves looking at dolls. From episode one and four we learn she is an avid moviegoer usually taking Ako along with her to watch. The Vs. version of Cko is identical to her mainstream counterpart in personality but is only ten years old the sole daughter and heir to an incredibly wealthy man. Source: Wikipedia