Akiyuki Takehara

A typical highschooler with a charismatic and helpful nature he lives with his Mother who has seperated from his Father due to marriage problems. Because if this seperation Akiyuki is expected to take a prepared lunch to his father every morning as well as keep the two039s relationship running smoothly. He has two close friends Haru and Furuichi. One day he wakes up late and rushes to deliver his father039s lunch which ends up with him barely able to catch the schoolbus. He notices a white haired girl Nazuna at the back of the line and lacking the armband needed to actually get on the bus so he obligingly gives it to her. As they arrive at the school Nazuna presses a device and blows up the partially filled bus resulting in a blinding blue explosions that rips apart the vehicle and throws other students on to the ground. In the light from the explosion a strange light rises from the destruction and disperses into Akiyuki039s arm producing a strange blue gemlike object however it039s forgotten as Akiyuki notices Nazuna wounded on the bus. He rushes to help her leading her to reveal that she was the bomber. She then presses Akiyuki039s forehead which materialises a red gemlike object and she faints. Akiyuki039s arm then transforms covering his body in a strange white liquid and turning him into a white creature called Xam039d.