The antique shop owner who appeared on the scene of one of the quotfairy murdersquot and takes a cube from the dead body. He was with a doll and this doll could speak. Ian followed him to his shop. Kaito gave Ian a Fairy Cube with a lizard inside triggering a series of events. He transports Ian and Ainsel to the Fairyland. Kaito calls himself a Death Merchant but even uses the corpses of those who weren039t adapted to a fairy living inside them for experimentation. Handsome and mysterious Kaito has long light hair which usually hides his right eye that039s also covered by a patch. He is the master of the fairy Ainsel who he saved. His past: His right eye was slashed out by a monster after he was expelled from Knockma Castle for the 039crime039 of seducing the queen. Raven was the only one who defended him saying that Kaito never wanted it. The two were abandoned and in the desert Kaito broke down and begged Raven not to leave him. Shortly after they were attacked and Kaito lost his eye. After returning to Raven039s home village it appeared that Kaito seduced Raven039s fiancee Canary who died of heartbreak. Before that the villagers begged Kaito to go to her and he replied he would if Raven replaced the eye he lost. Without hesitating Raven did so shocking Kaito greatly.