Arata Nitta

The main character of B-Shock. He is 21 years old and a Mechanical Engineering student. Thanks to some weird experiment, he ends up literally tied to Hatsune Nogi, the cutest girl in the university. Because of a special watch he can't take off his writs, if he's apart from Hatsune more than a meter, they both would explode. Arata is a simple guy, who lives alone in a small apartment and is used to take care of himself, which makes him crash at first with the spoiled Hatsune. He's also a bit perverted, and can't help trying to cross the line with her until he realizes that his feelings for her are deeper and becomes someone she can rely on. Despite his idiotic actions at times, he' s a proud and reasonable guy, who usually does the right thing and is willing to sacrifice himself for Hatsune.