Shinei Nouzen

シンエイ・ノウゼン, Shin, Reaper, Undertaker Báleygr
Birthday:May 19
Height: 175cm Shinei Nouzen is the field commander of Spearhead Squadron. His Personal Name is Undertaker. Having survived five years on the Eastern Front and the Special Reconnaissance Mission he is considered one of the most elite Processors alive. Among the EightySix he is known as the Reaper of the Eastern Front. His ability to hear the voices of the Legion allows him to locate the Legion without the use of detection systems like radar. Born on May 19th in Republic Year 351 Shin lived with his family in the First Sector of the Republic before the war with the Giadian Empire began. It is implied he lived a sheltered life surrounded by only kindness and affection. He also appeared to have developed his extrasensory ability early on hearing voices that spoke without words from his family.