オーフェン, Krylancelo Finrandi
Blood Type:O
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Height: 171 cm Weight: 61 kg Orphen is the main male lead. Fans claim he comes off as a badass kind of guy because of his apparent lack of emotions dedication to finish what he is working on as soon as possible his eagerness to stop helping people he feels he doesnt have to help and his coldness towards people he doesnt know. He is partly an antihero throughout the entire series. The only time his attitude changes is when the subject of Azalie is brought up. He will do anything for Azalie as when they were younger she had tutored him and gave him the confidence to get as far as he did in the Tower of Fangs. He and Azalie were brought to the school because it was believed that they possessed a strong amount of magical power within them. This proved correct Orphen was a magicprodigy. Orphen eventually becomes the greatest sorcerer in the world. Orphen keeps his feelings and the story about Azalie to himself at first but opens up later in the series. His true name is Krylancelo Finrandi and the people from the Tower of Fangs Hartia Azalie Childman Flameheart still refer to him like that.Source: Wikipedia